Internet of Things with Micro: bits

Topic 1

Planting the Flowers

  • The Importance of 5G and IoT

  • How to code? Communicating Micro: bits wirelessly

  • Case Studies with Examples

  • Practices of various cases

Topic 2

Detecting the Humidity

  • Wireless Connection: One to Many

  • Coding with logical functions

  • Examples of One to Many

  • Practices of various cases 1-many

Topic 3

Peter Learns how to Connect Micro: bits

  • Sending and Receiving Data Wirelessly

  • Learn the codes to join the Pins with the external humidity sensors

  • Examples on Micro: bits+Humidity Sensors

  • Practices

Topic 4

Learn the Importance of Smoke Sensors

  • How to Install Smoke Sensors

  • Code the micro: bits to Connect with the Smoke Sensors

  • Examples on The Setting Up the Smoke Sensors

  • Practices

Topic 5

The Parking

  • What is an Obstacle Avoidance Sensor?

  • Set Up Obstacle Avoidance Sensors 

  • Examples of Obstacle Avoidance Sensors

  • Practices

Topic 6

Peter Uses Light Sensors with Micro: Bits

  • Human Touch in an IoT System

  • Code The Light Sensors

  • Practices

Topic 7

Tilt Sensors as Counters

  • Collecting the Data of Movement

  • Examples to Design Door Counter

  • Practices

Topic 8

Peter Integrates the Various Sensors

  • Smart Home Automation System

  • Examples- Sensors and Automation

  • Set Up the Plant Watering System

  • Practice

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